Foundational Principles

We aspire to be a democratic organisation. Our strategy, structure and decision making bodies should be accountable to all in the membership. There will be no informal hierarchies or unaccountable steering committees. Democracy needs to be meaningful – more than just an occasional ballot of members for a leadership to interpret as it will. We believe in the active engagement, participation and contribution of all members regarding tactics, strategy and theory.

We are anti-capitalists. We share an opposition to capitalism, a system based on exploitation, competitive accumulation, and an absence of real democracy. In order to be meaningful, this opposition must take the form of class struggle, the struggle of the working class, using its own instruments and initiative, against exploitation and its enforcers. In this we recognise the importance of Marxist, feminist and anti-colonial critiques of capitalism that have informed and shaped the history of socialism.

We are socialists. We are committed to systems of collective, democratic ownership and control of the economy, and we recognise the need to move beyond the limitations of social democracy. For us, socialism is the self-management of life and work by and for the working class itself.

We aspire to be a mass-membership organisation, drawn from the rank and file of the Labour movement, and we are committed to developing a collective political vision. We recognise that the collective capacity of our movement can only be realised by supporting the political development of each and every member – as such we value the importance of collective learning and mutual support. We are not a platform for the promotion or coordination of pre-existing revolutionary organisations; instead we want to build new ideas together.

We are internationalist. The working class is divided by national borders and identities, further fractured by capitalist social relationships which limit its collective capacity to transform the world in line with socialist principles. We stand in solidarity with workers in the global south who are currently at the coal face of capitalist exploitation, and we recognise the importance of building alliances and solidarity across borders.

We are fundamentally opposed to patriarchy, white supremacy, and other systems of oppression that seek to divide us. We extend full solidarity to struggles for liberation including but not limited to – feminist, anti-racist, anti-colonial, disability, and LGBTQ+ struggle.

We are Labour Party Members. We seek to build a coordinated strategy for achieving socialism in the UK, organising within the Labour Party as well as in our communities. Nevertheless we recognise that the Labour Party, in its current form, is a vehicle for the delivery of social democracy and not socialism.

We want to push a radical agenda inside the Labour Party. The Labour Party has already adopted policies like a four day working week, a stronger, more universal welfare state, a zero-carbon economy, ending homelessness, greater equality and stronger democracy in and outside of the workplace. These can only be the starting point for a radically transformed society. We will develop policies and strategies to push the party beyond the management of capitalism.

We oppose crude “Labourism”. By this we mean the unconditional support for the party against criticism; the artificial distinction between electoralism and direct action; the prevailing culture of anti-intellectualism and neglect of political education; the patronage networks; the bureaucratic horse-trading and the corresponding lack of meaningful internal democracy, as well as the limited thinking that missells social democracy as socialism. We want to create a vibrant and democratic culture of debate inside the Labour Party. We recognise that electing and supporting a radical left Labour government is a necessary but not a sufficient precondition for the socialist transformation of our society. Dogmatic and uncritical support would be ultimately counterproductive.

We support meaningful direct action. By this we mean whatever activity increases the confidence, the autonomy, the initiative, the participation, the solidarity, the egalitarian tendencies and the self-activity of the working class and whatever furthers its political consciousness. Socialism cannot, nor could it ever be delivered by parliamentary means alone. As such we will pay attention to, and engage with, extra-parliamentary campaigns, supporting these struggles without subordinating them to the Labour Party.