FWD Momentum Primaries


The Forward Momentum Primaries are now open! It’s time to decide who will go forward in Momentum’s NCG election. 

We’d like to recommend some of the people standing. The following candidates are activists already involved in Labour Transformed who we think represent the politics outlined in our original proposed platform for the NCG campaign, in our strategy outline, and in our democratic principles – i.e. an orientation towards class struggle, anti-capitalism, rank-and-file trade union organising & deliberative forms of democracy:

  • Jack Witek – South East & South West
  • Deborah Hermanns – London
  • Navid Somani – London
  • Ana Oppenheim – London
  • Iman Ahmadi Moghaddam – London

Voting closes this Saturday

If you’re signed up to Forward Momentum, you’ll get a vote in your region, as well as a vote in the ‘elected representatives’ section. You should receive ballots by email today. These elections are Single Transferable Vote (STV).  Meaning that you can rank your candidates in order of preference without splitting the vote. 

We’ve not had the time to collectively work out a full list of candidates to endorse or a detailed platform. However, having looked at their statements, we think the candidates below seem to align with our priorities and may be worth consideration. This is not an agreed slate or a formal endorsement, and it is not supposed to imply that any of the below candidates endorse one another or support Labour Transformed.

Yorkshire, Scotland, North East, Northern Ireland & International:

  • Gaya Sriskanthan
  • Rory Maclean
  • Callum Bell

South East & South West:

  • Shona Jemphrey
  • Jennifer Forbes
  • Simon Oldham


  • Sonali Bhattacharyya
  • Samuel Francis
  • Paul Renny
  • Mick Moore
  • Deepa Govindarajan Driver
  • Jackie Schneider

Midlands and the East:

  • Andrew Scattergood

North West and Wales:

  • Alan Gibbons

Public office holders:

  • Christine Howard
  • Jamie Driscoll
  • Barrie Margetts
  • Nadia Whittome


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