In and Against NOW – Building a Socialist Strategy

On Saturday 9 Jan 2021 labour transformed is holding an event to begin cohering the democratic left.

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Whatever the undertaking of the Labour left might be, labour transformed contends that it should be collective, coherent and democratically determined. For that to be possible, we all need to be in the same organisation together. It is not enough to simply follow orders from unelected thought leaders in the media or the Parliamentary Labour Party, and yet this is what many comrades seem to be waiting for, in the absence of a platform on which more organic and dynamic leaders might be chosen. Momentum remains a worthy campaigning organisation but remains too focused on internal party concerns.

For socialists, power can be built through mass institutions of the working class, governed democratically. It can’t be built through top-down parliamentarianism. We can’t rely on media personalities who – however worthy – inevitably have their socialist message diluted by bourgeois media institutions. The left’s route to power must thus be through the trade unions, through community and faith groups, through independent, socialist media, and through forcing our parliamentary representatives to actually, meaningfully represent us. 

If the socialist left is to corral, cajole, harangue and, yes, hegemonise the Party, as well as the discourse, and the wider political economy, a coalition comprising each of these institutions needs to find a way of acting together in a coordinated way, and in pursuit of a common purpose. To that end, labour transformed will be hosting “In and Against NOW – Building a Socialist Strategy” on Saturday 9 January 2021 for comrades to start giving this process coherence.