Invitation to our Inaugural Meeting

December 14th, 10.00am-5pm 
University of Westminster

The election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader has presented an opportunity to fundamentally change the way our country works. A vibrant culture of radical ideas has been cultivated around ‘Corbynism’ by organisations like Novara, New Socialist and The World Transformed. It is obvious that ideas, such as a four-day working week, a stronger, more universal welfare state, and a Green New Deal have emerged out of this ecology and are key to any potential Labour election victory. However, these ideas are merely a fraction of what our movement could deliver if the base of the party were further empowered to set its agenda.

The election campaign of 2019 has demonstrated that a significant proportion of the population can be won over to socialist principles but also that we are faced by a ruling class which will not simply accede to democratic demands. Corbynism has, so far, been radical in its policy. But it has never developed a radical way of thinking about class power. We want to create that space.

Whatever the outcome of this election, we are going to need to fight. In the context of imminent climate catastrophe and a globally resurgent far right, this is no time for timidity: the choice between socialism or barbarism has never been more stark. If we win, we need to overcome the ruling class, through direct action and self organisation. If we lose, we need to maintain the left’s control of the party and purge the parliamentary party of the left-overs of Blairism.

Who we are:

We are a group of comrades who have come together through Corbynism and through our engagement with a variety of related extra-parliamentary projects; however we have found the current opportunities for a meaningful socialist regroupement to be both limited and limiting.

That is why we are proposing Labour Transformed, a network for socialist Labour Party members willing to coordinate in our local party branches, in our workplaces and in our communities.

We want to deliver on a key promise of the Corbyn project: to energise and engage members and supporters who are fighting to transform society. Other Labour-affiliated organisations, although vital to the party’s electoral capability, have failed to provide the coordination we need. Momentum is not the national organisation that was promised to its 40,000 members – it is not a fully member-led movement and it lacks a clear or coherent political vision.

Not only do these organisations lack internal democracy, but there is a dire shortage of ways for members to contribute, develop or engage meaningfully beyond vital electoral mobilisations. We have been unable to harness the full potential of our movement, its collective intelligence, its pool of resources, its skills and contacts. As such, we need a way to advance a socialist agenda, supporting each other, developing strategies and holding our leadership to account.

Labour Transformed invites you to a meeting on December 14th in London – to work out how we organise, how we will make decisions democratically and enact our ideas and strategies in a collective, coherent and accountable way. This meeting is open to Labour Party members only, and will take place at the University of Westminster’s New Cavendish Street campus. Nearest stations: Goodge St, Great Portland St, Regent’s Park. The nearest accessible station is Tottenham Court Road.

We already have strategic proposals and action-plans which we look forward to sharing over the coming weeks, involving Momentum, union organising and work in CLPs. Keep an eye on emails from us for more details in the run-up to the meeting in December.

If you have any questions, or need to let us know about any access needs, please email us at

Read our Foundational Principles here.