Report from In and Against NOW

labour transformed brought together socialists from all over the UK came together on Saturday (09/01/21) to begin the process of democratically creating an in-and-against strategy and taking collective, coherent and cohering actions. The National Organising Group has already discussed how to facilitate these new actions, and new members can expect to hear about next steps very soon. 

In the context of a bleak January, a pandemic and life under the most right wing government in living memory, this was a very affirming meeting, characterised by comradely intellectual exchange, and demonstrative of the vast creative potential of the radical left. 

It was agreed collectively that the four main areas of discussion would be:

  • How labour transformed can influence Momentum
  • Media and political education
  • Extra-parliamentary organising
  • In and against strategy and analysis¬†

It was very apparent from all the conversations that every contributor had much to offer our nascent organisation. We should all now be able to build our tendency, buoyed by having been part of such a constructive meeting and excited by the prospect of increased capacity thanks to new joiners. 


It is worth stating at this point that it is not the desire of existing NOG members to maintain typical, formal leadership roles. Rather, we would prefer to act as facilitators, empowering labour transformed comrades to engage in radical activity in line with our political basis with a degree of autonomy. We will be looking to further democratise the organisation in the coming weeks and months. 

Working groups and projects 

With so many exciting ideas having come out of the meeting but very limited capacity for now, the NOG would welcome suggestions from new joiners with regard to how- if at all- these groups and projects should be overseen, as well as suggestions for other endeavours. 

These working groups will operate alongside our pre-existing working groups around:

  • The Labour Party
  • Trade unions
  • Political education
  • Anti-imperialism


We are conscious that the organisation is currently not sufficiently representative of labour in all its complexity and would particularly welcome more women/ BAME people/LGBTQ+ comrades. At present, the on-boarding process probably would merely entail an informal chat with a member of the NOG with regard to whether prospective new joiners share our politics. Please feel free to spread the word to anyone you think might wish to join us and help build the tendency.

If you missed the meeting but feel you share our politics, here is a link to our sign-up form:

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Sign up form:

If you have any problems or queries please contact Kallum – 


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