Building a Movement with Teeth

A class struggle slate for Momentum

The ongoing general election is the fight of our lives. However, win or lose, we need to plan for the future. Whether we are fighting off a right-wing take over of the party, or organising for a radical left agenda in government, we need to get organised.

Momentum has been crucial in supporting Labour’s mobilisation for the election, and will continue to play a crucial role in coordinating our struggle afterwards.It is currently the largest organised faction within the party, holding significant support among the party’s membership. Despite its popularity and enormous utility in electoral campaigns, Momentum has significant limitations – particularly its lack of internal democracy and political cohesion. In January, Momentum is scheduled to hold the long-delayed elections for its National Coordinating Group (NCG) – Momentum’s sovereign decision making body, at least on paper.

One of the immediate tasks for our new coordination is to run a class struggle slate for this upcoming election. We propose the following platform as a means to cohere socialists inside the party and to democratise Momentum; providing a starting point for the wider transformation of the party into a truly democratic and socialist organisation.

We are proposing the following platform:

  • Fight to implement mandatory open selections within the Labour Party.
  • Advocate for the immediate adoption of an extended version of the Labour Party constitution’s original Clause IV, committing the Labour Party to an explicitly anti-capitalist politics.
  • Organise to ensure that the immediate revocation of all anti-trade union legislation becomes explicit Labour party policy.
  • Turn the internal democracy of Momentum ‘back on’ through the establishment of an annual democratic conference and restoring the constitutional status of local Momentum groups.
  • Start an organising drive to develop a network of ‘rank and file’ caucuses within the Trades Union Congress affiliated unions.
  • Support independent workplace and community unions and organisations engaged in class struggle.
  • Strengthen the links between TUC affiliated unions and the younger independent unions primarily representing precarious migrant workers.
  • Commit Momentum to challenging the opportunistic or reactionary narratives that continue to infect Labour’s politics around race, migration and policing. Ensure radical political education is prioritised inside CLPs and across the broader movement as an urgent strategic necessity that is integral to building a healthy, democratic movement.

Before our inaugural meeting in December, we are asking all participants to draw up a list of Momentum members and supporters they know, who can be won to this platform through phone banking and canvassing. Who we will run as candidates in this slate will be decided democratically at a future meeting. While this is a programme for a slate in Momentum’s NCG elections, it also provides a framework for the kind of broader strategy which we hope Labour Transformed can start to coordinate, regardless of the outcome of Momentum’s internal elections.

At our inaugural meeting on December 14th, we hope to establish working groups which can begin to coordinate this activity.